Our mission is to advocate for a safe, accessible and vibrant neighbourhood. We work collaboratively with city councillors, government agencies and developers to establish and maintain a neighbourhood that is home to first-class transit, vibrant shops and services, beautiful parks, and inviting public spaces. 

To this end, the Cedarvale & Upper Village Community Group focuses its efforts on the following Four Pillars:

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Active Members

We are a volunteer group that has come together recently with a full agenda of items, some of which must be addressed immediately and some that are long-term initiatives. The formation of a formal leadership and board structure, incorporating voting procedures and membership programs is in progress, but is subordinate to solving more pressing issues like the traffic plaguing our neighbourhood and the eglintonTOday design plans.

Lora Sloan

Founder of the Cedarvale & Upper Village Community Group and long-time resident of the area, Lora brings her experience in real estate development and retail leasing to build a more vibrant and dynamic neighborhood.

Sophie Milman

Sophie is the lead communications specialist supporting all correspondence between the Community Group and governmental bodies and other organizations.

Reuben Segelbaum

Reuben created the group’s digital platform and is responsible for our marketing and advertising needs.

Michaela Berkowitz

Michaela focuses her efforts on capital and beautification projects in the community through the deployment of public/private funds.