eglintonTOday Complete Street Project February 2024 Update

February 9, 2024
Traffic & Safety

The City has assembled a small working group of resident advocates and BIAs that live and operate close to Allen & Eglinton to discuss the details surrounding the eglintonTOday Complete Street Project.

The Stakeholder Advisory Group had its third meeting last week on January 30th to discuss project updates, a data collection and analysis plan, the Eglinton/Allen intersection, and neighbourhood traffic infiltration.  

The City’s full agenda and presentation can be accessed HERE. Below is a quick summary of what was shown and discussed:

·   Recent data from the city (fall/winter 2023) indicate that current traffic volume is on par with, or lower than, traffic volume measured in 2012.  

CUVCG Comments: We may still be dealing with lower volume due to lagging WFH effects.  However, the City likely did not capture volume that avoids Eglinton and uses side streets, and did not account for future development and intensification in the area and its impact on traffic.

·   Recent data from the city claims that travels times between Bathurst & Allen Road, and Oakwood & Allen Road during peak hours only range between 5 – 7 minutes (data taken in April, June & September).

CUVCG Comments: We requested to review the raw data from the City as residents and commuters know that it typically takes far longer than 6 min. to drive from Bathurst to Allen Road (or Oakwood to Allen) during peak hours.

·   The City-proposed data collection plan indicated vehicle counter locations along Eglinton and within residential community. See presentation for exact locations.

CUVCG Comments: Data collection plan does not include streets in Upper Village north of Eglinton and some other problematic streets within Cedarvale.

The City proposed a 2-Phase Action Plan to alleviate congestion and resolve residential infiltration:

Phase 1 - Treatments that the City can implement right away:

-   Optimize traffic signal operation

-   Improve signage – on Eglinton (double lane advisory)and within residential neighbourhood (turn restriction signs)

-   Implement one-way mazing on residential streets to prevent infiltration (see detailed mazing options in presentation)

Phase 2 – Investigate and analyze potential treatments to Allen/Eglinton intersection:

-   Investigate changes to the intersection configuration and signal phasing (i.e. simultaneous eastbound-left and westbound-right turn sat on ramp, southbound Allen/eastbound Eglinton movement)

CUVCG Comments: One-way mazing on residential streets can be considered and investigated only after the City fixes the root issues at the Allen/Eglinton intersection and studies the impact of its changes.  Once Allen/Eglinton intersection alterations are complete, a neighbourhood-wide traffic study is required to: (i) assess the need for street mazing and to determine the locations of any proposed one-way streets, (ii) propose any changes to parking bylaws that will facilitate traffic flow, (iii) propose changes to turn restriction signs, etc.  This study must be done BEFORE the implementation of eglintonTOday Complete Street improvements.

·   March 27, 2024 – City plans to report to the Infrastructure and Environment Committee with final recommendations regarding eglintonTOday Complete Street design and implementation.

·   Summer/Fall 2024 – City intends to complete the installation of the eglintonTOday CompleteStreet, which includes the implementation of bike lanes on both sides of Eglinton along the corridor.  

CUVCG Comments: The data collection plan has not been finalized and there is insufficient time to collect and properly analyze data, and implement changes to Allen/Eglinton intersection all before March 2024.  This timeline is unrealistic and the rushed implementation of eglintonTOday (in this area) risks exacerbating neighbourhood traffic issues.

Stay Informed, Get Involved.

If you have any ideas, questions, or are interested in volunteering with the CUVCG, you can email us at CEDARVALEUPPERVILLAGE@GMAIL.COM.

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