Freedom of Information Request – City of Toronto & Metrolinx

February 9, 2024
Traffic & Safety

In September 2023, the CUVCG submitted a Freedom of Information Request (FOI) to both the City and Metrolinx asking for all documents submitted for approvals and all approved final documents pertaining to the design and reinstatement of the Eglinton & Allen Road intersection as part of the Crosstown project. The request included all planning and implementation reports, drawings, and documents.

City of Toronto - After months of delays and extensions, the City has agreed to provide some of the information (not all).  They referenced sections of the Act defending their decision to withhold information. CUVCG decided not to appeal this decision and we are waiting on the materials that the City has agreed to release.  

Metrolinx – After months of delays and extensions, Metrolinx came back requesting a fee of over $700 to retrieve the relevant documents.  

We appealed the fee stating that the information should be public and that due to the project being over budget and delayed, and the fact that it caused qualitative and quantitative hardship to the community, Metrolinx should waive the fee and provide the documentation requested.  

The appeal and request to waive the fee was denied last week.  Hence, we will likely not be able to access the materials that would have shed light on how the intersection was designed, approved and reinstated in its current configuration, which has been the root of most of our traffic woes.

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