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November 14, 2022
Traffic & Safety

We have created a petition to channel the frustration of residents and stakeholders, give voice to the voiceless and demand that Metrolinx/Crosslinx put in place simple measures that will bring relief to the traffic nightmare we are facing.

Even during construction, there are simple things that Metrolinx could do to help traffic flow:

Clean up your construction site at the Allen, Meteolinx! Bring back unencumbered access to Northbound Allen! And give us traffic control personnel on a consistent basis to help drivers navigate the ever changing construction landscape at the access point to a highway!

To continue doing nothing is an insult to a community that has suffered for nearly 12 years and is buckling under unprecedented traffic and deepening mismanagement.

Join us! This is not just Midtown’s fight. Metrolinx’ particular blend of ineptitude and mismanagement is coming to the downtown core with the Ontario Line. We deserve better, Toronto!

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