December 13, 2022
Traffic & Safety

The Cedarvale & Upper Village Community Group met with representatives from Metrolinx, Crosslinx, City of Toronto Transportation, and 13 Division at the offices of Robin Martin, MPP Ward 8 on Friday, December 2nd.  We showcased the traffic and safety nightmare that has taken hold in our neighbourhood and presented viable solutions that can be implemented immediately.

Our MESSAGE was clear: Ongoing construction and lane closures at Allen and Eglinton is the root cause of the dysfunction in our neighbourhood.

Our SOLUTIONS AND REQUESTS were equally clear: (1) expedite construction, (2) station traffic wardens at problematic locations, (3) install clear road demarcations and signage, (4) clean up and reduce staging areas. These measures would improve the flow of traffic through the intersection and thereby, reduce residential traffic infiltration.

Our message was well received, and we had a follow up meeting just one week later, on Friday December 9th, which proved to be positive and productive.  

See below for a summary of the outcomes:

1. Expedited Construction at the Allen & Eglinton Intersection:

On December 2nd, we were told by Crosslinx representatives that they were planning to "reopen the lane over the next number of months.” We made it clear that our neighbourhood cannot function without the resumption of a normal flow of traffic through the intersection and that we cannot wait months for relief.

On December 9th, Metrolinx/Crosslinx promised to redirect resources to Allen & Eglinton in order to accelerate construction efforts and reduce staging areas. As a result:

  • The dedicated right-turn lane going north on Allen should be restored as early as Friday, December 16th, weather permitting.
  • When concrete and asphalt need to be poured, it can only be done above a certain temperature, but we were told that heaters would be brought in to facilitate this work (as needed) to speed up the process.
  • An additional westbound traffic lane on Eglinton Ave between Allen Rd North and Park Hill Rd would be reopened in late December 2022.
  • The full reopening of the intersection is planned for early 2023.  
  • See link to Crosslinx update here for further details about the phasing and timing of completion.

2. Deployment of Traffic Wardens:

  • City of Toronto agreed to station a traffic warden at Westover Hill/Glenarden & Eglinton daily during the afternoon rush hour, and until the dedicated right turn lane from Eglinton onto the Allen is reopened.
  • Once the lane is reopened, the traffic warden would be present on a rotating basis in accordance with evolving traffic patterns and available resources. Currently, resources are very limited and our contact at City Transportation promised to work with the warden program to ensure that we are prioritized.
  • In February, the city plans to complete the hiring process of additional traffic agents and will re-evaluate our request for additional support at that time. It is understood that our area is top priority from a transportation standpoint.  

3. Better Signage/Road Demarcations:

  • Traffic Demarcation: Metrolinx/Crosslinx will Install reflective traffic tape on the road to demarcate the two traffic lanes at the Allen Rd N on-ramp.
  • Signage: Metrolinx/Crosslinx will install “Customer Parking Only” signs within the westbound curb lanes on Eglinton Ave east and west of Glenarden Rd to help patrons of local businesses find convenient parking.

4. Cleaned Up & Reduced Staging Areas:

  • The reduction of staging will occur in tandem with efforts to open up traffic lanes.  Staging will be reviewed and optimized to reduce disruption to businesses and improve the safety for pedestrians
  • Focus will be put on keeping streets smooth and clean to facilitation efficient traffic flow.  Garbage and debris will also be addressed.

Thank you all for sending us your photos and videos and signing the petition we launched in mid November. Your active participation helped us draw attention to this safety crisis and was a vital catalyst in our discussions with Metrolinx/Crosslinx and the City. The more we speak to the right people with a united voice, the likelier we are to achieve our common objective: a functional and safe neighbourhood.  

Please forward our subscription link to friends, neighbours, and those who commute through the area.

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